‘WebHostNepal’ web hosting company honest full review

WebHostNepal is a Nepal based web hosting company. Most of its servers are located in France. Its website design is okay, nothing wrong with it but nothing special too. Anyways that is none of our matter for now.

I have been using their hosting plan for more than 6 months now. It is a long enough time. I will be sharing my experiences with the company so far in this post. Including:

  1. Quality of customer service.
  2. Average website uptimes.
  3. Overall quality and performance.
  4. How much value for money does their hosting plans provide?

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Okay then let’s get started. I will talk about everything that comes to my mind right now. Maybe I’ll update it later on while my experience grows with their service.

Customer service:

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If we talk about customer service it isn’t very snappy or very very slow, it is pretty Okay. I mean there isn’t a lot of guys working for the company. I guess a couple of guys are handling the business in the background. But they are doing okay for now, considering the number of customers they have.

Website uptime:

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I’m posting some weekly reports generated by Pingdom for this. Out of 5 weeks of reports generated only 2 weeks I had 100% uptime and 3 weeks site went down once according to Pingdom results. Results according to me are fine, considering I’m on a super shared hosting plan. I mean 1 downtime per week won’t hurt my site much, It isn’t very popular yet.

pingdom test results of webhostnepal hosting service
1 st Week

My site was down once that week.

pingdom results week 2
2nd Week

This was a good week, uptime according to Pingdom is 100 percent.

pingdom weekly result for awesomedetect.com
3rd Week

Again this week my site was down once according to the report.

4th week result of awesomedetect
4th Week

One time this week too.

5th week results of awesomedetect.com
5th Week

No downtime this week.

Overall quality and performance:

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As you have observed weekly result Pingdom above, I won’t say the quality is bad. It is probably one of the cheapest package available on this earth that makes sense. I’m happy with the quality, considering I’m paying only NRs 2000 or 20 dollars per year. I mean you get what you pay for.

Performance is different according to which type of hosting you purchase. I’m on a cheap, traditional shared hosting plan but still, I get performance score of 95 and load speeds of less than 0.5 or half sec at best with google auto Adsense, google analytical and https protocol enabled. You know they take a toll on page performance.

Do things the right way and you can also achieve this kind of score while being on a cheap shared hosting plan.

Value for money:

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This is where ‘WebHostNepal’ kills it. Their packages are well tailored and priced very aggressively. You get the most out of your money. I pay only NRs 2000 or 20 dollars for a year of hosting, that makes it NRs 166 per month or 1.66 dollars a month. Don’t tell me it isn’t cheap, It’s dirt cheap.

I pay for a shared hosting. So, I was supposed to share the server with multiple users but surprisingly I’m the only one on my server. I get dedicated a server for the price of a shared server in a sense. It sounds good, right?

reverse domain check results

HOW to buy web hosting packages?

Need help?: Here is a tutorial on buying hosting services from them(Scroll down to the end of the article).

You may want to buy from this link, it is a affiliate link: WebHostNepal

If you have any questions then please feel free to leave a comment down below. Have a good day.

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