Ultimate guide on solving GTA IV Resolution, Dedicated Graphics, poor quality issues

Hey there if you are experiencing issues with your GTA IV then worry no more. You are in the right place. Many GTA IV users are facing these strange issues like, can’t change GTA IV resolution, GTA IV not detecting dedicated graphics card and overall poor quality gameplay. Despite having a powerful enough laptop.

And I’m one of those users too. I was installing drivers and restarting then again uninstalling them and restarting my laptop for at least 2 good hours. That was a real mess. Before finally concluding, no it’s not the issue with the drivers.

If you want just quickly try the solution and move on then you may wanna scroll down because I’m going to be extensively explaining what I did and didn’t work for me so that I could reach a greater audience and help them. Or at least they could use my work as a reference. This is going to be a reasonably long story I guess.

The GTA IV story begins here

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The story starts with the download of GTA IV. I downloaded it then installed it and launched it only to see the game stuck at ‘800*600’. I couldn’t change the resolution nor any other graphics setting. I was disappointed and also shocked because my laptop had 2 GB of the dedicated graphics card. Namely Radeon R5 M430 and also integrated Intel HD Graphics 620. My first reaction was like ‘okay then GTA IV is not detecting my dedicated graphics card so it is using the integrated graphics card instead’.

So I went ahead and disabled the integrated graphics card drivers. Hoping that GTA IV will then use dedicated graphics in the absence of the integrated graphics card. But no such thing happened.

The game didn’ even load this time. And while I was trying to open ‘AMD Radeon Setting‘ it prompted me with the message “No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware.”

Again I thought it must be the issue with the Radeon drivers so it went ahead and downloaded and installed a fresh setup of the driver from Dell official page. And after that from ADM’s official page but I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I tried to uninstall integrated graphics card drivers and then install dedicated graphics card drivers and finally again install the integrated graphics driver. And did all the possible variations of the installation. Also tried to disable driver signature verification with no luck.

After that I started researching online for the solution but nothing seemed to work for me. The famous commandline.txt method also didn’t seem to work. Actually, it did but with some modifications. After hours of research, I was broken from the inside and was about to give up.

But then I tried to solve it by mixing multiple suggestions or solutions and finally after a few tries it worked. Everything was working fine. I could set the resolution to the max, change other graphics settings. Also, it was showing my dedicated graphics card’s memory in the graphics setting tab under ‘Resource Usage’ header.

Well, that was shorter than expected. I guess you could read that if you haven’t. It might be helpful even if you can’t seem to solve your issue by using the solution provided below. I mean use my journey as a reference and then move on to the next solution, learn from my mistakes.

The ultimate solution to the GTA IV issues

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Actually, the fix is pretty simple and easy. It will take you under a minute solve the problem.

  • Go to the directory or folder where you have GTA IV installed and then create a text file named ‘commandline’. The final result should look like this “commandline.txt”

GTA IV install folder with commandline.txt file created just now

  • Open it and paste these lines in there > and save it.

-availablevidmem 30.0

Adding commands into the commandline.txt file

  • Now move on to your desktop where your GTA IV launcher shortcut is available.
  • Right click on it > then click on properties > and next to ‘Target’ header paste above provided 3 lines of text after providing space in between each one of them and after the text which pre-existed there one by one.

Make sure you provide space after the pre-existing text and in between each one of them. This is quite important.

editing grand theft auto iv aka GTA IV launcher shortcut as per commandline.txt file

  • Launch the app and you will notice you can change the game resolution now. Available memory is way higher and you can control other settings too.

Hope this was helpful. Enjoy the amazing game. If any problems or queries then make sure to comment down below.

Have a good day.

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  1. Wow mehn you are God sent it really worked. Ill be following anything you post on the net now i trust you. Thanks a lot.

  2. i still cant change anything in settings.. ive tryed all combinations on google from 2014 – 2019.. nothing fuckign works.. whats with this game -.-

    • I tried playing GTA 4 on an i5 7th gen processor without dedicated graphics and the experience was next level horrible. Given it is an quite old game you may be able to play it smoothly on an i7. I haven’t tested it myself, just throwing out some ideas.

  3. You are wonderful wish i could give you something been trying for almost a year now PS do you know any fix for gta v lag when driving thank you


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