Top Best custom ROM for Canvas Nitro a311/a310/Coolpad F1 in 2018

Hey, people in this post I’m going to discuss the best custom ROM for Micromax Canvas Nitro a311/a310/Coolpad F1 in 2018. You know all three of them are the same devices. Same specifications only different names. So, every ROM works fine on all three of them. Maybe with some minor issues sometimes.

This isn’t your typical post where you would find a really detailed explanation of the features of the ROM. You could find it easily on the developer’s page. So I will be mainly providing my experiences gained while using the ROMs daily.

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I have flashed and tested almost every ROM available for my device. I own a Micromax Canvas Nitro a311 by the way. Most of them are buggy to the extreme, some of them are having some minor issues but there are some which are perfectly perfect. Totally stable with no any issues not even minor issues. I mean these ROM are even more stable than stock ROM. And provides far better battery backup, performance, and customizability.

I will talk about the best ROM for each device specifically in short but first I will like to talk about the overall best.

Overall best ROM for Canvas Nitro a311/a310/Coolpad F1 in 2018

Compress files online before downloading Interested!

1. Resurrection Remix OS:

I flashed this ROM a few weeks back on my device and been using it since then but I can not pronounce or spell it correctly. It’s an odd name really. Only the name is odd of this ROM everything else is perfect about this ROM. They recently released the latest 3.0 version of  Resurrection Remix OS with Android 7.0 Nougat. It is originally meant for Canvas nitro a311 so it works best on the a311 model. It works fine on other 2 models too with some minor issues.

But I won’t say it is the best one out there for a310 and F1 there are better options out there if you don’t care about Android version. I personally don’t care that much about Android version but I needed to upgrade to Android 7.0 because some apps I wanted to use won’t work on KitKat. If this is the case with you too then you can flash this no major problems. Finally, I will leave you with the main features of this ROM.

Main Features of Resurrection Remix OS:

  • One-handed mode
  • Screen split
  • Lots of customizations
  • Excellent Data speeds

– Here is how to flash Resurrection Remix os on your device

2. MiUi ROM:

MiUi ROM would be the first on the list if only it was available with any Android version higher than KitKat. To be honest, KitKat is too old now. Some apps won’t even work on Android 4.4 no more.

It is feature packed ROM, not minimal, not exaggerated. It is perfect in a sense. The more you use it the more you love it. You never get bored of it. To be honest I’m a fan of MiUi ROM. I used MiUi 8 ROM for almost a year and MiUi 6 or 7 or don’t remember correctly. It is the swiftest ROM available for your device. You would almost always get more than 1 Gigabyte of RAM always available while using this ROM.

As we know Everything has it’s own downsides. I wouldn’t say Data network was necessarily good in this ROM. I mean you won’t have call drop issues with this ROM. But while using this ROM I never got very good data speeds with this ROM. And I’m saying this after using 2 different versions of the ROM for more than a year combined. At the end While comparing pros and cons of this ROM, it is definitely not a bad ROM to use as a daily driver.

Main features of MiUi ROM:

  • Practical ROM
  • Smooth as hell
  • Good at memory management
  • One-handed mode
  • Best in lot battery backup
  • Not so good with data speeds

-Here is how to flash MiUi ROM on your device

There are many other ROM out there for your device but most of them are so bugged that you can’t use them as daily drivers. I mean it might seem lazy to only include 2 ROM in the list but trust me there really are no other ROMs out there that are good to be used as daily drivers. Just too many bugs. Okay, then I end the list here just like that.

Best ROM for Canvas Nitro a311

I would have definitely said MiUi 8 for the a311 users. But all MiUi builds up until now comes with Android KitKat. It is an old and outdated Android version. Some apps won’t even run on it, now that’s an issue. At least to me.

Bottom line, flash MiUi 8 on your device if an older Android version isn’t an issue for you then go for MiUi 8 it is perfect in every way. Else go for Resurrection Remix ROM it is a great ROM with a lot of customization capabilities and is also stable, no problems that I know of.

Best ROM for Canvas Nitro a310

Your best bet would be to go with MiUi 9. The only minor issue you will have with this ROM is screen rotation. But again it can be solved using Rotation control app. You can easily download it via Play store.

If the older Android version is really an issue for you then go for Resurrection Remix ROM you won’t face any major issues according to the users.

Best ROM for Coolpad F1

Okay now, let’s talk about ROM for Coolpad F1. Now the best of best you can get for your device is MiUi 9. The developer of the ROM owns a Coolpad F1 himself and he made sure that no issues remained for Coolpad F1.

But again if you want Android Nogaut on your device then definitely go for Resurrection Remix you will face issues similar to Canvas a310 with his ROM.

I hope this post helped you to decide which is going to be your next ROM. If you have any queries or think that some other ROM also should be on the list comment down below. Then feel free to comment down below. I will look into it.

Have a good day.

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