This is why you should not buy Redmi 5A, long term ownership review

I purchased this phone with a big smile on my face, which is not present while I’m using the phone. I don’t even write reviews on smartphones but here I am with an ownership review or should I say with an article talking about why you should not buy the beloved Redmi 5A as I did.

I know you landed on this page after visiting a few or better if said a ton of websites on a mission to buy a new phone. You had a peek at the specs of Redmi 5A and read a couple of reviews here and there. But how many of those smartphone gurus have actually used the phone in their day to day life.

Okay, I think I need to make something clear before going any further(actually I went further and came back and edited the post). I’m not saying “Redmi 5A is not for anyone“. Yes, maybe there is an audience out there who will do just fine with this phone. Like for example my father it would be a perfect phone for him and not me. And my father uses his phone to make some calls and for nothing else.

None or very few they spend a few hours at most with the phone in most cases and then went out there and wrote the review. I didn’t mean to say doing so is bad or anything like that. They do help most of the times but not every time. Whatever they said about Redmi 5A was not very accurate in my opinion. And mind you I watched a ton of review videos before I was convinced to buy the phone.

Basically what they said was performance was okay, the camera was okay, speaker volumes were also okay, and battery life is kind of good. It is good enough for day to day tasks and maybe even for some light gaming. They said you get what you pay for.

And from above arguments or points, the only thing I agree to is battery life is kind of good and also the points about the speakers and camera are understandable because if you want good camera and speakers you need to be ready to pay the big bucks most of the times and everyone knows that.

Okay, this post is not very well formatted it would be really hard to skim through the post and catch the issues I want to highlight to the maximum. So I’m writing the major issues with the Redmi 5A in bullet points and maybe also pointed out some pros of the phone after that.

Cons of Redmi 5A:

  • Performance is as worse as it gets.
  • Multitasking is a nightmare with this phone.
  • Miui is not what it used to be a few years ago.

Performance in Redmi 5A is worse as it gets

Before anything else hear this. It struggles to open keyboard most of the times. For the times like when I want to type in a message or type in some search query in the browser. It just won’t show up, It gets super frustrating. And no it is most probably not the issue with the software or my particular piece because I updated it to the whatever latest version was available and also have had hands on the Redmi 5A of my friend which was also updated to the latest version of software available.

Multitasking is a nightmare with this phone

I was trying to download something via the Mega app in the background while I was chatting with a friend. And guess what Keyboard won’t show up and after a couple of seconds or minutes, the download process would have vanished. Then I would have to go back to the Mega app and initiate the download process again. Sometimes it is even hard to play music via Mx player in the background while browsing the web via Uc Mini. Yes, Uc mini.

Sometimes I would load web pages via chrome and go over to the Es file manager to delete some files before downloading whatever I was trying to download and while I came back to the chrome it would the webpage all over again.

I always keep an eye on the RAM consumption of the device. Redmi 5A is always using 1200 or 1300 MB of RAM most of the times. So my guess is the issue isn’t with the RAM not being enough. The processor built into it is also a decent performer but why are we facing such issues with the device? And this question brings us to the next problem with Redmi 5A. The beloved Miui.

Miui is not what it used to a few years ago

Miui has evolved to be a resource intensive and heavy ROM. It is no longer preferable for the low-end devices.There are a lot of features which the hardware of Redmi 5A can’t handle. I mean I don’t like to trade responsiveness and customization for new exciting sounding features.

OO and I need to mention this so bad. YOU CANNOT SWITCH TO SMALL ICON RECENT APPS TRAY. I really hate the fact that I can’t choose which kind of recent apps tray I want. And even if you don’t love small icon recent apps tray as I do then also you won’t like it. Because It is ugly looking and more resource intensive(and a lot less beautiful) than the small icons recent tray.

Pros of Redmi 5A:

These pros won’t even count for the most people because of the Cons. But still, here they are.

  • Battery life is on the good side.
  •  Speaker and camera are on the respectable side regarding the price.
  • You can put both sim cards and memory card in at the same time.

The pros of Redmi 5A section is going to be fairly short because the cons make the pros almost(I mean almost) uncountable. So let’s get started with this.

Battery life is good

It definitely won’t set any benchmarks or anything in terms of battery life. But it should easily last you a day. Well not if you play games on it with full brightness. But with moderate use like a couple of hours of video streaming, couple hours of web browsing, some downloading, and some gameplay it should be fine. Also, the point to remember what you are paying.

You can put both sim cards and sd card in at the same time

It doesn’t sound like much but this is something you will appreciate over time. The fact that you can put 2 sim cards and a memory card in simultaneously makes a big difference. Especially with a phone with low internal storage onboard.

I understand that there is nothing to rejoice about here if you don’t use multiple sim cards at the same time. But it can come handy at times.

Speaker and camera are respectable regarding the price

First of all the front and back camera, both are okay. It will perform good enough in the daylight. It will most peoples expectations. It actually takes quite good photos in my opinion.

Now talking about audio quality it is doable if you don’t listen to music a lot because the bass is okayish when on lower volume levels but when the volume is turned up it gets quite loud but it is just a loud noise, to be honest.


I agree that this is a budget phone and is meant to be used as a secondary phone and you should not expect it to perform like a flagship phone. But I mean like what good is the low price point and other features if you can’t even do simple multitasking in today’s time. It even struggles to open up the default Google keyboard which is meant for it.

I think that it is still a bad investment even if you are going to use it as my father because you can buy a feature phone for much less. And if you are a multimedia consumer then there is nothing you need in this for you. Unless you are willing to root your device and flash some other lighter custom ROM onto it(preferably pure android).

Finally, I want to say that I’m not very happy with my investment overall. And would not recommend this phone to anybody other than the ones who want a smartphone to do the jobs a feature phone can do. And maybe want to take a picture or two sometimes. This is it I hope this post provided some value to you and helped you decide whether to go for Redmi 5A or not. Have a good day.

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