Should I place ads on my homepage? Answered

This is the question I was asking myself a couple of months ago. I was riddled with many thoughts in my head. Things that came to my mind were like would placing ads on home page boost my revenue? Or maybe the opposite. Would it affect the optimization or performance score very badly?

And now that I think I figured out whether to place ads on my home page or not here I’m with a quick blog post. The chances of getting clicks on ads in the home page are relatively high, especially with the in-feed ads.

So in the process of figuring out whether to place ads on my homepage or not, I did place ads on my home page to test how much it affects revenue and how much it hurts the performance. And of course the overall user experience.

When should I place ads on my homepage?

Placing ads on the homepage is not a very bright idea actually. Why? There are a couple of reasons for that which we will look into after a while. But obviously, there are also some situations when placing ads on the home page is kind of reasonable or maybe the only choice. Like when the only page you have is the homepage.

I mean if you have a website that people come to test their typing speed then obviously you want to place ads on your home page. Ya, you may also have a few posts on increasing typing speed, best keyboards for typing etc. But the majority of the traffic you get is on your landing page. So placing ads in such conditions perfectly makes sense.

Another situation where placing ads on homepage may be (a little bit) sensible is when you earn only via ads placement. i.e. your website is basically an information or content warehouse and you earn only via ads placement. You don’t sell anything to anybody, including services.

Other than that I can’t think of any other conditions when placing ads on a homepage is reasonable or efficient. If you are going to trade performance grade or optimization scores for ads then they should make you reasonable amount of bucks.

When should I not place ads on my homepage?

Well after discussing the situations when placing ads on a homepage is reasonable. The answer is basically a one-liner. Other than the above-mentioned situations you should not place ads on your homepage in almost any other situations(there may be some exception). Now let’s talk about the most important question that is there without even being asked.

Why should you not place ads on your homepage?

Placing ads on a homepage is super stupid in most situations. Even if your website is an information warehouse and you don’t sell anything, you ideally should not place ads on your landing page. Think about it this way. How much traffic do you on your homepage daily. Most of the times very less.

If there is not enough traffic to make you some bucks then you are basically sacrificing performance scores(it does affect your SEO), chances of getting a few more page views(which may have resulted in a few more clicks), chance of losing a potential regular customer and chance of reducing bounce rate, time on page, better user experience overall for a few pennies.

In the long run, all those things matter a lot(more than you think). Add all those pennies you would make after a few years of placing ads on your homepage. Are they really worth your website’s SEO, potential regular visitor? The answer is no at least for me.


I enabled ads on my homepage for a few months but it didn’t make me almost anything. But it did cost me quite a few scores on Pingdom and google page speed insight scores. Placing ads on homepage increases the number of requests made and load more images on the page which in result reduce the page load speed.

Mobile phones are taking over, more than 50 percent of people surf the internet via smartphones nowadays (which is increasing day by day). So it is very important to rank in mobile searches. The slower your site is the lower are the chances of your site being ranked in mobile searches.

Understand this, it will hurt your SEO, hurt user experience, increase bounce rates furthermore, reduce page load speed in return for very little money. I decided not to use ads because of these reasons now you make your choice. If there is still doubt in your mind then just go ahead and create a few ad units for your homepage and place ads on the page, see for yourself and then decide.

And also test the performance scores of your website via Google’s PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom before and after placing the ad units. Good luck.

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