How to root any Samsung phone without PC or app

In this tutorial, I will show you how to root any Samsung phone without PC  or app. Not always one click root apps can root your phone. And on the top of that, I find this method a lot safer than any other given option.

Sometimes even trusted Odin can brick your phone or send it in a boot loop while trying to root your phone. Supersu flash via Odin tends to send a device into boot loop very frequently indeed.

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let me tell you a story. Recently I was trying to root my Samsung j100h. First of all, I tried to root my phone using one click root apps which claim to root any Samsung phone without PC.  I tried every one of them but none of them actually worked.

Then I thought let me do it via Odin it must work. I followed some tutorials which basically directed me to download and flash some file via Odin. I did it but I was stuck in boot loop and it took quite a while to fix this. This was no good.

After I bought my Samsung device to life I read somewhere that I should flash already rooted ROM via Odin to successfully root my device. Again I did it and in return, I got nothing but failure and a device in a boot loop.

But finally, I discovered this method which actually worked. Since then I have never looked back. I have managed to successfully root a ton of Samsung phone without any problems.

Today in this tutorial I’m sharing the method which I use to root any Samsung phone without pc or app. This is the best option available to root any Samsung phone without pc or app out there. So let us begin.

Materials required

Compressing files before download. You might be interested Check that out.

  1. Your phone
  2. SuperSu zip Get it now
  3. Twrp flashed on your phone, Don’t worry you can flash a custom recovery without root. refer to this guide
  4. five minutes if your time.

Please follow the steps given below carefully to root any Samsung phone without PC or app.

How to root any Samsung phone

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  • Step 1– Download SuperSu for your device from the above link. Or from any other trusted source for your Samsung phone.
  • Step 2– After downloading the SuperSu zip place it in the root directory of your sd card or phone memory.
  • Step 3– follow this tutorial to flash TWRP or any other custom recovery on your Samsung phone without root.
  • Step 4– Once the custom recovery is flashed you are all ready to root your Samsung phone. So, boot into recovery mode by switching off your phone and then pressing volume up home and power button at once.
  • Step 5–  Press install and then locate the recently downloaded SuperSu zip file, select it and slide the slider to confirm installation.
  • Step 6– Let the installation process complete and once the installation is completed click reboot button and wait for your device to boot up.
  • Step 7– You will find SuperSu app installed on your device open it and it will prompt for binary update press continue and press “Normal” after that, it will prompt you installation success message press reboot.
  • Step 8– If step 7 doesn’t go as expected then update SuperSu app via play store and then repeat step 7. you should be fine.

This tutorial ends here if you got any queries then please feel free to comment down below. hope it helped you.

have a good day.


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