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Hello, there this article is about the faster replacement or alternatives for some of the most popular plugins. Most of the popular plugins are super bulky and slow. You know extra page weight, extra requests, and stuff. It causes your website to slow down.

While slow page load times might not affect SEO much directly but it does matter a lot. Okay, let me explain. It is said that page load speed is around 1 percent of the ranking factor. Let’s assume it’s true.

Does user experience matter in terms of SEO? A big yes, it matters a lot. It is probably one of the most important factors. And user experience depends on page load speed to a great degree. So, page speed matters too. Does it make sense?

This article isn’t about the importance of page load speed so let’s move on to the real thing. Long blog posts tend to be boring most of the times(at least it’s true for me). So I try to keep it short(well reasonably short not 50 words short).

Faster lightweight alternatives to popular plugins:

Obviously, this article won’t cover all the available plugins. I will include the ones I used for my blog in the past and thought were super slow and bloated and the ones which are used most commonly. This article won’t cover the standalone plugins for the most part. I prefer to write separate articles for them.

Try them out and see for yourself how much difference it makes.

  • Akismet Anti-Spam: Akismet is an anti-spam plugin. It basically helps to stop spammy comments of users or bots from appearing on your website. It also protects you from contact form spams. Recommended replacement is:

Anti-spam: It is a plug and play type of plugin and is faster than Akismet. This plugin protects you from comment spam. I’m using it currently. You don’t have moderate comments using this plugin. There is no settings page. If you want more features you may use antispam bee instead if you want more features.

  • WP super cache: This is a caching engine for WordPress that produces static HTML files. Recommended replacement is:

Cache Enabler: It isn’t as popular as WP super cache but it also does what WP super cache does, only is faster and lightweight.

  • Smush Image Compression and Optimization: Commonly known as smush. This plugin is supposed to compress images as you upload them. It does a horrible job(I mean super horrible) at compressing images with the free version. You must pay to be able to compress images better. Recommended replacement is:

Don’t use any plugin for this. You should optimize images on your local machine using some photo editing software or even the MS paint. Surprisingly MS paint does a good job at resizing, writing, or inserting boxes and other basic stuff. I use paint to do the editing part and then using online image compress services like compress jpeg to compress images. Or use some online services to convert png or other formats into jpeg to save space.

Bj lazyload: As the name suggests it loads the images of a certain page only when it is necessary. It is a good plugin but there is a better option. Replace it with the following plugin:

Lazy Load by WP Rocket: It does what Bj lazyload does but is lighter and faster. No unnecessary features and no setting page. It is a plug and play plugin.

  • WP-Optimize: It is a plugin that helps you clean your database with a click. It cleans a variety of things like the remains of a deleted plugin, post revision etc which saves you some more space. If it did just that it would have been better I guess. It has other unnecessary features which bloat this plugin. Use this one for replacement:

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions: It does exactly what it says and what we want. It cleans your database with a click. It has a setting page with some basic options. It is light and fast. It doesn’t have other unnecessary features which result in no bloat.

  • AddToAny Share Buttons: It is a plugin which enables social sharing buttons on your posts page. I think it is seriously bloated. It makes third-party API calls which is a very bad thing for speed. Why do you need, how many times your content is shared written on your page? It really is not worth it. It slows your site down to a great degree, that too for what? share counts. Instead, use this plugin for replacement:

Shared counts: It is probably the most lightweight social share plugin out there. You get a basic setting page with a bunch of options. I will recommend you to use the minimum number of share buttons and share count option turned off. And seriously it’s share buttons look so beautiful too(the modern ones).

Okay, then this is it. This list is this short for a reason. I wanted to include only those plugins which are used by most of the people use. I want this list to be short yet relevant to most people. I mean you could also almost call this list, ‘Fast lightweight plugins everybody should use’.

I hope this helped. Have a good day.

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