How to install Wget into Cmder Console emulator

This article will guide you through the simple and easy steps to install Wget into Cmder console emulator.

This way you can use Wget in any directory or path. You don’t need the executable file of the Cmder in every directory or path where you currently are for using Wget command.

You may be a regular Linux user and need to switch to Windows for some reason. Or you might be a regular Windows user but want to taste the power of Wget. Whatever reason may it be, Wget coupled with Console emulator like Cmder can be really useful for CLI lovers on Windows.

Installing Wget into Cmder is fairly an easy and simple process. So, without further ado let us begin.

Materials required:

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  1. Click here to download Wget for windows
  2. Click here to download Cmder for windows
  3. Click here to download 7zip

Download Cmder and 7zip if you haven’t already

If you have already downloaded Cmder then you may skip this part.

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Downloading Cmder is straightforward. Visit the above-provided link, scroll down a bit and you will see the option to Download Cmder. There are two download options one is the mini version of Cmder and another one is the bigger full version of Cmder. I will suggest you download bigger full version.

After that download 7zip from the above-provided link and install it.

Now, that Cmder is downloaded extract it to the preferred location. Moving on.

Download Wget for Windows

Finally, after you have downloaded Cmder and extracted it then download Wget from the above-provided link.

For some of you downloading Wget could get a little confusing. So, I will be explaining this part quite briefly with pictures.

Visit the link provided above and click on “Wget….” under “64-binary” header if your machine is 64 bit. And click on “Wget….” under ” 32-bit binary” header if your machine is 32 bit

Download page of Wget for windows
select as per your system

Copying Wget into the bin folder of Cmder

Now you are almost done, one last step. Extract the downloaded Wget folder and copy all files from inside the extracted Wget folder. And paste it into the Cmder/bin directory. i.e Go to the Cmder’s folder you extracted earlier and open bin folder, then paste all the files copied earlier.

After copying Wget into cmder
After copying Wget

All is done now, Open Cmder and enjoy the Wget command in Windows.

Install Wget Into Cmder2


I’m writing a conclusion for the sake of writing it lol. So the real talk okay. It is super easy to install Wget into Cmder it would take you around 5 minutes, including downloading and stuff.

If you have any questions or any problems related to this post then feel free to comment down your problem and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Have a good day.

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