How to install and use Wget for Winodws

This tutorial will show you, how to install and use Wget for windows easily. It won’t take long, just around 5 minutes to download and install Wget on windows. Wget is an awesome command line based tool. Basically, you use it to download content from the web.

But Wget is not like your conventional download managers. Wget does all the tasks of a conventional download manager and more. You can download a whole website without even breaking a sweat. You can also automate tasks as per your need(this is where GUI falls behind).

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Wget was originally developed for Linux environment, but it is available for windows too.  It is very powerful and flexible, yet easy to use tool. That is the reason why it so popular.

In Linux you get Wget tool preinstalled. But for windows, you need to install it or set it up before being able to use it. So, without any further discussion lets get to it.

Materials Required:

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  1. Click here to download Wget for your device.

Download Wget

Before anything else, you need to download Wget tool for your Windows PC. First, check if your PC is 32 bit or 64 bit by going to system properties. If you aren’t already aware.

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Go to the link provided under “Materials required” select 32-bit version or 64-bit version of the tool according to your PC architecture

Install Wget Into Cmder

Copy the tool to C drive’s root

Now extract the downloaded Wget tool, rename it to “Wget”(it makes things easier later). And copy the folder to the C drive’s root directory. i.e “C:\”

This is how it will look.

wget copied in C drive
After copying

Add Wget path to Environment Variables

Now you may use Wget right away by opening cmd in the directory where Wget is placed. But it won’t be very efficient. So, you need to add Wget path to your system’s environment variables to be able to run Wget from any directory. Just like every other system command.

  • Click on start menu and search for “variables” then click “Edit the system environment variables“.

Searching for variables to add wget to system variables

  • After that click on “Environment variables” option on the lower right corner.

Environment variables option highlighted with red lines

  • Select “Path” under System variables and click on “edit” option.

System variables shown with path highlighted with red lines

  • Then click on “New” option in the upper right corner.Path system variable being edited
  • Finally paste “C:\wget” as new path system variable or type it manually, and click on as many OK’s appear on your screen.

Path system variable edited

Using Wget in cmd

After doing all the above steps you successfully installed Wget on your windows machine, which can be used via cmd anytime you need.

To use Wget open cmd or command prompt(administrative privileges not necessary) and type in “Wget” to test if it is installed successfully or not. If cmd doesn’t return Wget is not recognized as an internal or external command then you are done. If it does then repeat the whole process once again and do it carefully this time.

Type in “Wget –help” in cmd to access help menu of Wget. Everything you need to know is there. But still, I will show you a basic example of Wget usage.

  1. “wget url-from-where-you-want-to-download-data-here” to download a file
  2. “wget -c url-from-where-you-want-to-download-data-here” to resume interrupted download. Useful while downloading large file on slow connection.

So, that is all for this article I will see you next time. If any queries then ask me in the comments below.

Have a good day.


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