Install Stable MiUi 9.2 on Micromax Canvas Nitro a311/a310/Coolpad F1

Hey, there this is a quick tutorial on flashing or installing latest MiUi 9.2 on Micromax canvas Nitro a311, a310, and Coolpad F1. Although I don’t own a Coolpad F1 so I couldn’t test this MiUi 9 ROM on Coolpad F1. But it will work perfectly fine on a Coolpad F1. Stay assured because the developer of this ROM owns a Coolpad F1.

And yes I own a Micromax canvas nitro a311 myself. I don’t own a canvas nitro a310 myself but one of my friends does. He was kind enough to lend me his device for testing purpose. He ended up keeping this MiUi 9 ROM on his device instead of the stock one. It is stable enough to be used as daily driver, he really liked it.

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So now moving on. Actually, the developer of this MiUi 9 ROM didn’t recommend flashing this ROM on canvas nitro a311 but don’t worry your device won’t get bricked or get any other issues after flashing this ROM. I tested it myself and nothing bad happens.

I will talk about issues or bugs and their solutions at the end of the post if there are any.So I will start the tutorial by proving the download links.


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  1. Download MiUi 9.2 ROM
  2. Download(optional) Performance x3 patch
  3. Download(optional) Mega
  4. Download(only for canvas a311 users) patch for a311

Download files are uploaded to so if you are going to download the required files from your android device then you will need to install the Mega app on your android device. You can find the latest version on play store.  Or download it from the link provided above.

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1. Backup your current ROM

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First of all, flash TWRP 3.0 on your device for the flawless experience if haven’t already and reboot into recovery.

  • When you are booted into TWRP recovery you will see several options on your screen, click on “Backup” option.
  • Tick all the options if you want to backup your current ROM with all the apps and their data. If not then deselect data option and also cache option then swipe to proceed backup process.

Backing up data before flasing miui 9 on canvas nitro

– The “Select storage” option is used to select the storage where you want to store or create the backup.

-The backup you just created will be extremely useful if you mess up anything or brick your device.

2. Wipe Data

After that, you need to wipe all the data of your current ROM before you can flash or install new latest MiUi 9.2 ROM on your device.

  • Click on the “Wipe” option from the main menu of TWRP recovery then you will need to click on “Advanced wipe”.
  • Tick or select “Dalvik cache”, “System”, “Cache”, “Data” and then after that swipe to continue.

wiping old rom data to flash miui 9 on canvas nitro

-Your old ROM is gone now. So it is safe to Flash new MiUi ROM.

3. Flash or install MiUi 9.2 on your device

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Before you proceed any further click on “Mount” menu and make sure that “system” option is unticked. Otherwise, you might not be able to flash the ROM successfully.

  • Click on “Install” menu and navigate to the directory where you have stored or downloaded the ROM file.
  • Use the “Select storage” option available if you need to change storage. Select the MiUi 9.2 ROM for canvas nitro a311/a310/Coolpad F1 zip file and swipe to confirm.
  • Click Reboot option or go back to the main menu if you wish to flash performance x3 patch.


If you get an error message stating Failed to extract dir from “system” to “/system”.

Updater process ended with ERROR: 7.

Error installing zip file “External_sd/internal/ROM-zip- file-name”.

If you see error similar to above example then your system partition is mounted. To solve this problem you need to go back to the main menu and wipe the data again by following step 2. Then go to “Mount” option and untick or deselect “system” option from there and proceed with the ROM installation. This time installation will be successful.

4. Flash performancex3 patch(optional)

Flash the performanxex3 patch if you want to. It is supposed to help you get better performance out of your device.

  • Click install option > locate and select the zip > swipe to confirm > Click reboot after completion.

5. Flash MiUi 9 patch for a311 only

Recently MiUi 9 patch for a311 released. So now this ROM is truly bugless. Latest patch version at the time of writing this post is V4 and I have already flashed the patch on my device. Everything is working as expected so far. If I notice any problems then I’ll make sure to update the article.

  • Press install > select the MiUi 9 patch > swipe to flash and you are done.

-Minor issues and their Solution if possible

On Coolpad F1 there should be absolutely no issues not even minor ones. It is supposed to be absolutely bugless on Coolpad F1. However, note that I couldn’t test it on this particular device.

Now let’s talk about a310. I tested this ROM on a310 and found no bugs at all. Yes, auto rotation doesn’t work by default but it can be easily patched by using “Rotation control” app. So I don’t like to identify this as a bug.

a311 faced 2 minor issues.  Auto brightness doesn’t work and volume up button decreases volume instead of increasing it. But no worries patch is now released for a311. Download and flash the patch from the link above.

Please kindly ignore this whole paragraph, I wrote this paragraph at the time when the patch for a311 was not available. Thank you. Or you could flash MiUi 8 on your a311 instead. I used it for almost a year on my canvas nitro a311. It is stable to the core, not even a single tiny bug, it is a perfectly perfect ROM. Sound it loud and everybody knows battery performance is best on all MiUi ROMs. And on top of that, there isn’t much difference between Miui 8 and 9, to be honest. Both are on Android KitKat 4.4.2

Same tutorial in the video: Flash MiUi 9.2 on Canvas nitro a311/a310/coolpad F1

Link to the original thread: MiUi 9.2 original thread

Credits: jpower73

I hope you found this article helpful. If you facing any queries or issues then feel free to comment down below.

Have a good day.

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  1. Hey! Suresh Thagunna, Thanks a lot man to post this blog. I installed this rom in my micromax canvas nitro A311 and it’s working properly. Just one issue I faced is that I can’t change the region from China to India in this rom. If you have any solution to this problem then please suggest me on my email ID…


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