HTTP Proxy Injector for Windows PC, same as android

Hey, there this quick article is about HTTP Proxy injector PC version. Yes, there is a PC version of the famous HTTP injector app for android. It is very much the same as the Android version and is capable of doing what the Android version does. I mean all that free internet and converting social data pack into regular all time data pack stuff.

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Now in this article, I’m not going to briefly talk about what HTTP Injector is. I’m assuming that you already know what HTTP injector is and what it does. You are just searching for its PC version. I talk about features of PC version of HTTP Injector in short at last though.

You could argue that PC version of this app is quite different under the hood from the Android version but still, it just does the job. This way or that way doesn’t really matter. Without wasting more time I will provide you with the download link.


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  1. Download HTTP Proxy Injector
  2. Download 7zip

Above link actually takes you to the download page. It is not the download link of the software. Once you are on the download page click the latest version of the app from there and the download will start. It is almost about 15 MB.

Install HTTP Proxy Injector

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The installation process is pretty much standard. Extract the downloaded package with 7zip by right-clicking on it > 7zip menu > extract files > press ok.

After that open the installer and follow the instructions provided. However, you will be asked to enter the password to proceed the installation during the process. Enter “a-dev1412” as the password when prompted and you should be fine. After the installation of HTTP Injector finishes, you should find the launcher shortcut on your desktop.

Features of HTTP Injector PC version:

It has got all the basic features you will need. You get the built-in “Payload Generator”, “Update Checker”, Config file import and export features. And on top of that, it has something that the Android version doesn’t have. You can change different skins, which will basically change the look of the software.

For 99 % of the users, all you need to know about or be concerned about is payload generator, ssh settings and nothing else. Other settings will work anyways.

Okay, let’s be little more systematic. I will finally leave you with the locations of setting or options you might need. And little knowledge about some options available in the software.

Where are SSH settings in the HTTP Injector PC version?

  • Look for the tabs in the upper right corner > click on the tab named “SSH”.

ssh account setting tab of http proxy injector for pc software

Where is payload generator in PC version of HTTP Injector?

  • Launch the app > Tools > Payload Generator.

Where is config file “import” and “export” options?

  • Inject > Import Config or Export Config.

What is the extension of the config file?

  • Its extension is “.hpi” on the PC version and not “.ehi” and also PC and Android created config files are not compatible.

What are “Bitvise and “PLink” under the ‘Tunneler’ header?

  • Those are just the type of tunnelers. You don’t want to be concerned with them. Both will work fine, no problems.

What are “PF Portable”, “PF System”, and “Shell2TAP”?

  • PF stands for Poxifier and TAP is some kind of driver I guess. Again select “PF Portable” option and it will do the job using Proxifier Portable version software in the background. And Shell2tap will only work if your modem is connected in “RAS” mode.

Why is the auto-reconnect option not working even though it is selected?

  • It is so because auto-reconnect option only works if your modem is connected in “RAS(modem)” mode, not “NDIS” mode.

How to change modem connection type from “NDIS” to “RAS”?

  • It will be different according to the vendor but again similar enough to get the idea from any modem. So you should find it under the general setting menu. Look around you will find it. For my Huawei modem, click on Tools > Options > General Setting > RAS or NDIS.

Okay, then this is it for today. PC version of HTTP Injector might feel alien at first but after a few time of tinkering with it feels natural. I hope this article was helpful.

Have a good day.

26 thoughts on “HTTP Proxy Injector for Windows PC, same as android”

  1. It gives a error like this:
    Failed to connect to Network error: Connection refused
    Network error: Connection refused
    FATAL ERROR: Network error: Connection refused
    I did everything what it needs but it’s gives error. What can I do for it? Thanks..

  2. I tried to install HTTP injector to my pc, but on the process, it asking me for a PASSWORD? Where can I get the P/W?

    • Please write in english.
      Translation: people new password that does not accept more.

      Go to and create a new account for yourself with a new password. It’ll cost you a couple of minutes.

  3. Hi good day Suresh Thagunna.
    Am currently having problem with my connection via HTTP PROXY INJECTOR I’ve been trying to connect to the internet but it keeps giving me FATAL ERRORS I tried all my best but nothing is progressing.

  4. que tal soy un usuario de de http proxy.. podrian ayudarme la version que uso en mi pc no tiene el modo auto de REPLASER… solo tiene STRINGS y ALL ¿como lo pongo en modo replacer auto.?.. o con que info lleno esa parte?

  5. I just wonder, why this program cant connect without proxy? I just want connect with SSH+Payload. Could you bring this functionality to software? A checkbox for proxy would be very helpful!.. Thx

  6. Hola muy interesante el pos,, pero hice andar uno hace mucho tiempo y haora este no anda el tuyo,, da error 302,, de q se trata ese error 302.. o es una falla de los servidores o mal explicacion tuya o ,, como dijo un usuario aca el programa no- anda,, gracias romi

  7. Hola me da este error… haber si alguien lo sabe solucionar gracias—–
    ERROR: Connecton failed. Error class: Flow, code: PrematureEod, message: FlowProxyConnector: end of data while waiting for HTTP response.
    Connection aborted / disconnected on user’s request.


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