How to install Python on android without root and no internet

Hey, there in this tutorial I will show you how you can install Python on your android phone. I will install python Python on my android device which has no access to the internet and also isn’t rooted.

Actually, I installed Python on 2 devices. One of the devices is not rooted or was without root access and another one is rooted. So this tutorial should work perfectly fine for non-rooted devices or rooted ones.

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And also I’m installing Python on my devices without the internet connection because I think the tutorial will be more flexible that way. But if you have internet connection on your device then even better, no any harm in that. Having an internet connection on your device will make the job even easier for you.


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  1. Download SL4A
  2. Download Python for Android
  3. Download Python for android data file 1
  4. Download Python for android data file 2
  5. Download Python for android data file 3

Transfer or copy all downloaded files to your device via USB cable. I’m copying all my downloaded files to a folder named “pythoncp” which I just created.

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A list of files required for the python installation
Copy all the files

Install Python for Android and SL4A

Now we are going to do the device part. Go to the folder where you copied all the files downloaded earlier and install both Py4A and SL4A apps one by one.

Copy the data files of Python for Android

Python for android window
Click install if you have internet access

If you have internet connection on your device then simply click on Install button and skip to the final step.

After you have installed both applications, go ahead and launch Python for android application from your app drawer once and then minimize it.

Finally, copy recently downloaded data files of ‘Python for Android’ app namely “”, “”, “” to the folder named “com.googlecode.pythonforandroid”.

3 data files required for python installation on android

You will find the folder in the root directory of your sd card or your phone memory. If the folder already doesn’t exist then create one in the root directory of both sd card and phone memory just to make sure.

Picture with a lot of folders with python for android data files folder
This is the location in my device

Note: You can also launch “Python for Android” and click on “Local install” to know or detect the required directory.

Perform and run the Local install

All three files are copied in place. Now open the “Python for Android” app and click on “Local install” after a few seconds you should see “Run Local Install” option right there click on it.

Proceding python installation on python app

It will take a while to do its thing. For the most part, we are done now. We only have to run python from SL4A app now.

Run Python via SL4A

Launch the SL4A app and you will be greeted with a list of available scripts. Those scripts are there by default.

Now if you want to launch Python then select menu. To bring up the menu you might need to long press options key or just tap it, depends on the particular device. In my case, it is long pressing menu options. Then click on view option, click on interpreters then finally select Python 2.7 from there.

SL4A home page with options shown in the picture
Click view

And if you want to run a script you downloaded or created yourself in other environments then simply copy the intended script in the ‘sl4a/scripts’ folder or directory located in your phone memory or sd card. The script which you copied into the sl4a/scripts directory will now show in the list while you launch ‘SL4A’ app.

Thanks for reading this tutorial all through. I hope this tutorial saved you some trouble and time.If any queries then please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

Have a good day.

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