How to flash TWRP recovery on any Samsung phone without root

In this tutorial, I will show you how to flash TWRP recovery on any Samsung phone without root or any other custom recovery. Yes, you heard it right without root.

If you flash TWRP recovery on any Samsung phone using this method there will be almost no risk will be involved and it will be fairly easy.

other than TeamWinRcoveryProject (TWRP) there are a lot of custom recovery out there. Like ClockWorkMod recovery (CWM) and others. But I can’t seem to remember the names right now.

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Out of those today for this tutorial I chose to flash TWRP recovery on Samsung J1ooH of mine which has no root access. Or basically is not rooted yet.

I chose TWRP custom recovery for my unrooted Samsung J1OOH Because I find it a lot easier to navigate around and I really like its interface. CWM is also not bad too but at last, it all boils down to one’s personal preference you know. So now let us begin.

Materials required:

Compressing files before download. You might be interested Check it out.

  1. Samsung USB drivers Get it now
  2. Odin Get it now
  3. TWRP file Get it now
  4. Computer
  5. 10 minutes of your time

How to flash recovery on any Samsung phone


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  • Step 1– Go to the link provided above then download the latest Samsung USB drivers and install. If you don’t install USB drivers Odin will not recognize your device so you must install the drivers first.
  • Step 2– And now that drivers are installed you need to visit above-provided link then download and install the latest version of Odin on your PC.
  • Step 3– Lastly download the TWRP zip file of your device by visiting the link provided. You must carefully verify your Samsung phone model number before downloading, every digit of your phone model number must match the name of the file you are downloading. You don’t wanna mess this step believe me.
  • Step 4- Launch Odin and then click options.
Picture showing odin launched in a PC for flashing TWRP in samsung j100h
Click on options
  • Step 5– Deselect or uncheck auto reboot option.
Picture showing options tab of odin with auto reboot option deselected for successful flashing of TWRP in a samsung phones
Deselect auto reboot option
  • Step 6– Make sure to boot into download mode by turning off your device. And then press and hold power down button home button and power button at once. Once you see a warning message release the keys and press volume up button. Then finally connect your device to the computer and then finally click the AP button and locate the downloaded TWRP file from Odin window.
Picture showing odin window and pointer pointed on AP button and redy to be pressed for next step
Click on “AP” and select downloaded TWRP file
  • Step 7– Once the file successfully loads click on start and wait for the process to complete. After Odin display the pass message move to step 8.

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  • Step 8– When the process completes in Odin press hold volume down home and power button at once. Then as soon as the blank or dark screen appears press hold power up button instead of down and then you are done.

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You don’t want to mess step 8 up because if you do your phone will directly boot up with no TWRP installed or might not even boot.

If you somehow messed that step up then also don’t worry and repeat from step 6 to 8 and you should have by now flash TWRP recovery on any Samsung phone without root.

If you prefer video tutorial here is the link: How to flash  custom recovery

I hope you have followed the tutorial, and successfully flash TWRP recovery on any Samsung phone without root.

If you still have any queries or problems please let me know I will reach to you as soon as possible. Now I officially declare how to flash TWRP recovery on any Samsung phone without root tutorial finished.

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