How I verified PayPal account in Nepal

Hello, this is the write up on how I created and verified PayPal being in Nepal. First of all let me get this out, you should go with Payoneer if you spend and make dollars online. Fees are fair and you don’t risk losing all your money like you do with PayPal.

Major fee you pay with Payoneer is around 30 dollars per year for maintenance, 30 dollars is not bad if you regularly perform transactions online. You can receive money in your Payoneer virtual bank account and spend it via the master card they provide. What else one needs, right?

Do I recommend you go through all this trouble to get a verified PayPal account though? No. But what I think really doesn’t matter. Maybe you absolutely need it just like I did. I needed it for receiving payment from Gotranscript it is a transcription/translation company. Anyways let me get this information out there.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for what you do with information in this post, I’m not encouraging you to do anything. This information is for educational purpose, you will be responsible for your actions.

What you need to get verified:

  1. US phone number
  2. Payoneer US virtual bank account
  3. US address

Step 1: Follow this link and sign up with textnow to get a US phone number.

Step 2: Follow the link provided above and sign up with Payoneer to get an virtual US bank account.

Step 3: Follow the link provided above and generate fake US address. You will need it later while signing up with PayPal because we’ll sign up for US PayPal account.

Step 4: Open an private or incognito window for signing up and signing in into your PayPal account always. It will save you some trouble. Sign up with PayPal and provide the address you generated in the previous step and the phone number you got from textnow when asked for it. I recommend you enter valid name only the address will be fake while signing up.

Step 5: Add your Payoneer bank account to your PayPal account by signing into your PayPal account. PayPal will send two small funds to your Payoneer account and ask you to enter the amount of funds exactly to verify it actually is your bank account. It will take you a couple of days to receive the funds.

Tada now you are verified. You can now receive payments to your PayPal account and then withdraw it to your Payoneer account. Or maybe even add your Payoneer master card to your PayPal account and start shopping or making payments online with your PayPal account. But I recommend you don’t do it because of the following reasons:

Important Information

I noticed that I needed to add a card to PayPal account to be able to shop online even though I had enough balance in my PayPal account. I added my Payoneer master card(keep it in mind you can only receive payments in your Payoneer bank account and withdraw funds to your local bank account but you cannot pay for things with it) and it was declined maybe because It didn’t have enough balance at the time.

Maybe Payoneer card would have been accepted once I withdrew my PayPal balance to the Payoneer bank account and have enough funds in the bank account but think about it. What good is it that way? I can myself pay with the master card without having to login to PayPal. I primarily went through all this trouble to be able to receive payment from a company. What are you doing it for?

PS: You might need the phone number you used while signing up in the future(the one you got from textnow) if you are gonna use PayPal extensively. To keep it I recommend you to create two textnow accounts and text yourself from one number to another time and again to keep the number forever. They’ll let you know when you are gonna lose your number a few days earlier, so that you can take action and save it if you want.

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