Get Payoneer master card in Nepal

Hello there, this is the write up of how I got Payoneer master card in Nepal for myself. I will talk about significant events that happened from first signing up with Payoneer to laying my hands on the card. It was a wonderful feeling.

Although I’ll try to talk about technical details of signing up and verifying the master card, I won’t go into the details. There are plenty of great tutorials for that out there. It won’t make much sense for me to write about the sign up process in detail again.

It will be more about my experience of how I got the master card from Payoneer, what you should expect and important things to note for successfully receiving the master card.

Why Sign Up With Payoneer

A few years back from now I have been reading about earning money online and stuff, so it was only natural for me to run into Payoneer. Once you make some dollars online you need to withdraw it, right? Payoneer enables you to hold and deal with certain foreign currencies including American dollar.

You are assigned an American bank account for receiving payments and a master card to spend it wherever master card is accepted. On top of that it won’t cost you a penny to get the card given you get it via postal service. Later once you collect enough dollars it charges you maintenance fee but that is a whole different thing. I’ll write about in what ways you can benefit from Payoneer master card being in country like Nepal sometime later.

It is kind of like a Saviour for people in countries where PayPal is restricted and you can’t hold or deal with foreign currency unless you meet certain requirements like in Nepal you are required to have passport in order to hold foreign currency. Being Nepali citizen you are very unlikely to hold a passport and the process is painful.

Phase 1:

I signed up for the card it didn’t take very long to fill up the sign up form and get confirmed. Go Payoneer sign up(this is a referral link) page and start filling in the information. In the first phase you are required to enter details about you like your first name, last name and email address and date of birth. A thing to note here is you must be over 18 to be able to register with them. If you are not 18 yet then you can sign up with details of your siblings or parents.

Phase 2:

In the second phase you need to provide your contact details like your address, postal code and your phone number. I suggest your to fill in the contact details in the following format. Address 1: <District, Nepal> Address 2: <Tole or village name> <ward no.>. Make sure all information you are providing is valid. Make sure to replace information above with your actual information. Example address using the format above: Address 1: Kanchanpur, Nepal Address 2: Basantpur 16. This is how I filled it but you may fill it any other valid way if you want. You can get the postal code for your area from Wikipedia postal codes Nepal or from post office near you. I suggest you to confirm postal code you noted from Wikipedia with your local post office in case it is outdated.

Phase 3:

Next you will need to provide information like your citizenship id number, set secret question and password. Make sure password is long and secure. Pass the security test and you’ll get through.

Phase 4:

Finally you will be asked to provide your Nepali bank account details. Contact your bank for the swift code, look for it on their website or look it up here. Payoneer will use this account to send you payments. You can add more bank accounts if needed later. Submit your form and you should be verified after a few days if you entered all the details correctly.

Ordering The Master Card

Earlier when I signed up with Payoneer I could order the master card right away after being approved. I ordered the card and it got to me after 2 weeks of ordering. The postman couldn’t find or didn’t bother to find my home and had handed it over to some guys at a store. Why? I guess because they had the same last name as me. This is how things roll around here. Luckily they were my relatives and they called my father to ask him if I was expecting a mail from united kingdom. It was hilarious.

Later I was informed about it and I knew what it was. I rushed and was very exited to get my hands on the card. I think it was really quick considering the fact that I wasn’t expecting it to arrive at all. I was living in a village of Mahendranagar(now Bheemdatt) city of Kanchanpur district, go figure. This is how it got to me finally.

At the time of writing this article, it turns out that you need to receive minimum of 30 dollars to be able to order the card. Some say they were able to order it without receiving minimum of 30 dollars after a few days but I really doubt it. You can receive payment in your Payoneer account without any issues even without the master card. Make at least 30 dollars in your Payoneer account and then you can order the card.


Is it another setback for you? Not really you can still receive payment in your Payoneer account and also withdraw it to your local bank account without the master card. You can even verify your PayPal account with the Payoneer us bank account if you want and receive payments on PayPal and then withdraw it to your Payoneer bank account. It’s just that you need the master card to spend it. Maybe I’ll write on the subject briefly later(follow the link above).

I think Payoneer is still a fair game if you want to make some dollars online. It enables you to accept payments in a range of currencies and you can even spend it once you reach 30 dollars minimum requirement. The charges are also fair enough if you are planning to use it extensively. 30 dollars is not that far away if you have the right skills and are willing to work for it. I hope this post provided you with some value. Good day.

4 thoughts on “Get Payoneer master card in Nepal”

  1. Hi dear thank uso much 4 de information bt i didn’t get 1 thing ki how 2 earn or reach 30$ in payoneer account plzzz detailma esko barey vandinus na hai thank u dear…

    • You can do some freelancing online via some freelancing platform like upwork or some other company that provides payout option via Payoneer. What you do will depend on your skill set.

      For example you could do some translation or transcription work with Gotranscript. They accept nepali files. If you want to work on Nepali files then you can directly mail them and they should respond to your query fairly quickly.

      I personally worked with them and got paid via Paypal. My Paypal account was connected with Payoneer provided bank account. So I just withdrew the amount to my payoneer account as soon as I received the payment. It is a little tricky but it works.

      You can get paid directly via payoneer too but it won’t work with a new account. If I remember correctly then you need to have received 1000 dollars in your payoneer account to request for payment.

  2. When I go to the post office to ask for Payoneer MasterCard arrival, but they ask me for a barcode or something registration number to find whether the card has arrived or not. I didn’t understand that. What do you think about it.?


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