How to connect to WIFI without any password trick, abuse vulnerability

This isn’t a click-bait or fake post. Follow through and you might get connected to a WIFI around you without any password and I’m not joking. Or even find out if someone else can connect to your WIFI network without your knowledge.

At first, you might think this is nothing new let’s move on. That is what I thought when I first discovered this trick. Don’t do that you will REGRET it believe me. You will realize how powerful is this trick as the time passes. Just invest 5 minutes of your time and see.

Before starting I would like to summarize this tutorial, in a few words. I don’t want you to feel like “what is this” throughout the tutorial.


What basically is going to happen is you will add a few WIFI network names manually on your device and then boom! that’s it. You will then be automatically connected to vulnerable(I’m using this term very loosely) WIFI networks around you without any password.

The thing is most WIFI routers with Realtek chip-set inside automatically create hidden WIFI networks, without protecting them with a password. Call it good or bad, those hidden networks cannot even be turned off, well at least I couldn’t find any way to turn them off(I looked for answers everywhere).

And the most important thing to note here is you can even access the WIFI router’s admin page when connected to these hidden networks. Just like when you would be connected to the parent or original network created by the WIFI owner.

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Adding the networks manually:

Okay now, this isn’t necessary but I launch WIFI Analyzer to show you the hidden networks around me. And by the way, I’m at my college right now.

So, there you see it, there are a lot of hidden networks. Talking about hidden networks, these types of networks are around but you cannot find or connect to them as you would normally do.

Image showing wifi analyzer
Hidden WIFI networks

Now you need to go to your WIFI setting and add 5 new WIFI networks manually. Follow along if you need assistance doing that. I’m showing how to do it in android but it shouldn’t be very different even on iPhone or a laptop.

  1. Open settings, click on WIFI and then click on “Add network” or “Add new network”.

    How To Connect To Wifi Withoutpassword adding network
    click add network
  2. First enter “RT5390_1” in place of SSID or Network name then select security as None and click “OK” or “Save” button. Repeat the process by only incrementing the last digit up to 5.

    How To Connect To Wifi Withoutpassword21
    press OK
  3. You should now have these 5 new WIFI network names added in your phone:
  • RT5390_1
  • RT5390_2
  • RT5390_3
  • RT5390_4
  • RT5390_5

    added network RT5390_1 to 5
    Saved network names

Notice that you added networks by increasing the last number in ascending order up to 5. You will know why you added these networks, by the end of the tutorial most likely. Basically, you add these network names manually to be able to connect to WIFI without any password.

I just keep WIFI of my phone turned on and then even when I’m going to the market to get some milk. My phone gets connected to multiple networks, in my 5 minutes short journey to the dairy. You might or might not get that lucky but it’s worth a try.

Leave the WIFI of your device anytime you get out of your home and you might notice that you are connected a WIFI network automatically without any password. Make sure to notice the name of WIFI network name you are connected to then you’ll know why you added those particular network names earlier.

How I almost destroyed my college WIFI network

I was able to connect to my college WIFI, through these hidden networks created automatically by the router and access the WIFI routers setup page. Guess what was the password. it was “admin“. How careless? After that immediately I changed the router password.

Then I managed to get the parent network’s name and password from there. And also managed to block all the MAC addresses from the routers setup page. Finally, I shut down the network.

Don’t get me wrong it didn’t do it just for fun. I did this just to get the attention of the network administrator. No evil intentions. Of course, I could have informed the authority by talking to them. But then, don’t you think it’s cool this way?

It was a “Digicom” router.

How To Connect To Wifi Without Any Password and login to router page
access the router setup page

Think about it for a moment, if I had evil intentions. What damage could I have done? There are many quick and easy to initiate network attacks like DNS spoofing once you get into someone’s WIFI routers setup page.

This is dangerous.

And as you know, most people do not even change their default routers setup page password. Thinking they are safe behind their WPA2 password protection. So, why should they even bother changing their router’s password? You should not do the same cause you now know what could happen. I will suggest you Change your router’s default password if you haven’t already.

And yeah, they(College authority) changed the routers page password but couldn’t turn those automatically created hidden WI-FI networks off. That is why I can still connect to WIFI without any password.

Connect to WIFI without any password

Now, that you have added the networks on your phone, your phone should automatically connect to WIFI without any password, in fact, multiple of them without any problems.

Try taking a walk around, and you might be amazed at how many networks your device connects to automatically. At least it was the case with me. Too many router are vulnerable to this in my area, this is kind of scary if you think about it.

How To Connect To Wifi Without Any Password 7 (2)
Hurray connected.

You know what? I wonder, why nobody is talking about this problem. I think this is dangerous and easy to apply trick or more accurately vulnerability. I googled it, and I couldn’t find a thing, about this situation. I mean owners were not aware of this thing until I told them.

Please don’t hate on me for not having accurate information about the situation. And also from what I have seen in the comment section some folks get connected right after adding those network names without moving an inch right at their home and some don’t. Please don’t lose patience, add those network names you are very much likely to get connected to WIFI networks after a few days or maybe even months. I think it all depends upon your location, how many routers are around you and that kind of stuff.

If you have any additional information about this then please comment down below. Helping people out is good really. I almost forget about it.

Disclaimer: This is all for educational purpose, I’m not responsible for your actions, in any way. Thank you. Have a good day.

60 thoughts on “How to connect to WIFI without any password trick, abuse vulnerability”

    • Well not by default. Most tp link routers don’t have guest mode turned on. But you could find out what is the default guest network name of tp link routers and then add the network name on your phone and roam around to see if you got lucky.

    • That means there are no routers around you right now, that create those hidden guest networks automatically. Just keep your wifi on and you should get connected to any of those saved networks whenever available, automatically.

      I get connected to those saved networks at random places from time to time. You did your job now just wait and watch.

    • Adding new networks should not be that different on Android and iPhone I guess. Look around for an option that says ‘add new network’ or something like that in your wifi settings. Rest should be similar. Good day.

  1. Please which app should I download on my iPhone for the WiFi to be connected, confuse about wifi analyzer, which typ should I download from App Store, thanks

  2. So, is wifi network from a typical routeris the same as wifi network provided by mobile phone hot-spot?
    Well, i dont know.
    Interested to know thr truth behind this tricks, but there’s no wifi network anywhere near me (I live quite remote and hardly go out), so I’m gonna use my other phone to be a wifi hotspot and use this trick on my current phone. Good luck to you and me and all humanity in general.

  3. This is not happening.It shows connect only..No save option…I googled for it but not.getting any result….Help me..I have.Oppo F1 phone

    • Hi, Shristhi please try to click on connect and then check saved WI-FI networks to see if it is actually being saved.

      To see the saved networks there should be some option like (Manage Saved Networks) or (Saved networks) in your WI-FI settings.

  4. Hi, your article is interesting. I am here for the second part mentioned in the introduction. I most certainly do not want to steal the data someone is paying for. But as you mentioned, HOW CAN I KNOW IF MY NETWORK IS SAFE? The router login password is changed, but still would like to know if there are any other safety precautions i could take. My data has been running off recently.

    • Hello there, hope you are having a good day.
      Yes there are some things you can do to protect your router.

      1. Make sure your WPS is disabled(Even better download android applications like WPS connect or WPS WPA tester and see if your wifi AP is vulnerable).
      2. Check if your router is creating any hidden APs without your knowledge(You can use wifi analyzer for that, look for the APs with your routers address).
      3. Don’t use weak short or predictable passwords.
      4. Look out for attacks like Evil Twin attack.
      5. You could hide your SSID for an extra layer of security(hiding your SSID is not the best way of securing your AP by itself but it surely can add an extra layer of security.

      P.S: You could actually see the list of devices connected to your router via WPS app. Use it to see if any unwanted device is connected to your router.

      Note: Google those terms for elaborate explanations on the web.

    • If I connect to WiFi at work, school or my neighbors, will they know : (1) that I hacked their WiFi, (2) will it give them my iPhone or computer Id, (3) how can I ‘hide’ my information from IT, when they make updates. I want to keep my job for several more years

      • It is possible to see mac address of connected devices on the same network. So yes anyone can see your device on the same network. You can spoof your mac address to mask your real mac address on the network. Please google “spoof mac address ” for further information.

  5. yo yo yo yo what is up DUDE
    I noticed that for some reason iphones dont allow you to save networks, only connect to them and since they dont exist, the phone doesnt let you. Is there anyway around this. pls help me 🙂


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