How to compress files online before downloading

This tutorial is on how to compress files online before downloading. Yes, you can compress large files online before downloading. You can also compress and download videos from google drive or other cloud storage.

The site I’m talking about is the best website to save data and download file. Would it not be good if you knew how to compress game link online before downloading them.

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Using this method you can compress files to 7zip and save mobile data and your time. The service you are about to learn about is called cloud convert.

Basically what cloud convert does is it downloads and store the file you want to download to their server first. Then it compresses the file to any format you want like 7zip zip tar and 500 other formats.

After that, it provides you the link to the compressed file or stores the compressed file to your google drive or any other supported cloud storage. i.e you now have access to the same file which is compressed is of smaller size.

Thus, you can save your time and data this way. Cloud convert does the job for you.

Cloud convert is so much more than just a tool to compress file online before downloading. It does other amazing things like convert any website to PDF JPG or PNG To learn about all features or services of cloud convert refer to this page.

How to compress files online before downloading

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But in this tutorial, you will learn how to convert files online before downloading them to your local PC or any other device. So let us begin without any further delay.

  • Step 1: Get the download link to the file you want to download and copy it.

If you are using android device right now. It is recommended to use google chrome for the flawless experience.

  • Step 3: Click on the drop-down arrow and click on Add from Url” option To add a file using the link. If add from URL option is facing problems then it may be because the link is non-resumeable or one-time expiring link. Find a resumeable link for it to work.

You can select other options too If you are logged in to the site and know what you are doing. In this tutorial, I will not go over those options briefly to avoid confusions. But still, I will describe what each option does in short.

-“Choose from Dropbox” option will let you choose a file to compress online from your dropbox if you have granted it permissions.

-“Choose from Google Drive” is also the same. It will let you choose files from your google drive if you have provided required permissions.

-“Choose from One Box”  option will let you compress a file of your one box If proper permissions are granted.

-“Choose from One Drive” option will allow you to choose the file you want to compress from your One drive.

  • Step 4: Paste the link into the blank space and click on “Add” to add the file to the compression queue.

You can consider creating an account in “Cloudconvert” to increase the file limit and have access to compressed files for longer periods and other features.

  • Step 5: After some processing, it will ask you to select the preferred format select 7zip by clicking on the drop-down arrow. 7zip will compress your file the most. Finally, click on “Start conversion” to start converting your file online before downloading.

If you feel like you like the service after using it a couple of times then you can create a free account or pay for the premium account if that is what you need. Here is the Pricing information. I really think that the price is reasonable.

Save compressed file to Google Drive or one drive(Optional)

  • Optional Step 1: Select “7z” but don’t start the conversion yet. Click on “Login” to create a new account on “Cloudconvert” automatically.
Picture showing webpage
Select 7Z and click on Login
  • Optional Step 2: Click on Gmail Id you want to log in with. Information is taken from the Gmail id you select to set up “Cloudconvert” account.

You need to make sure to have enough space on your Google Drive to save the compressed file. Else you will face problems in the next steps.

A picture showing a series of Gmail ids
Click your Gmail id
  • Optional Step 3: Click on Allow Button. Be aware that you are allowing the “Cloudconvert” to view or manage files or add a file to Google Drive by clicking the “Allow” button.
A picutre showing asking for security permissions
  • Optional Step 4: Now click on “Cloudconvert” logo to go back to the homepage.

Picuture showing Cloudconvert user control panel

  • Optional Step 5: Click on “Save file to my” and then select google drive by clicking on the drop-down arrow and click on “Start conversion“.
  • Optional Step 6: Click on “Show file” to access the compressed file saved to your google drive directly. Or you can manually access the file by visiting anytime.

Picture showing completed compression of file online before donwloading

  • Optional Step 7: Click on download arrow to download the online compressed file to your local PC or smartphone.

Picture showing File after compressing it online before downloading and storing it in personal google drive for free

  • Step 6:  In a while, your file will compress online before downloading. You can download the compressed file right away.
Compress Files Online Before Downloading 5
Start conversion

There are limits to the service but most users shouldn’t face any problems due to it. But you can always go premium if you need to.

I hope this post helped you in some way. If you have any queries post them in the comment section.

Have a good day.

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  1. Guys help I can’t convert a file is 500mb TOO big guys can you help me convert this ISO compress this ISO file then link it too me I really need help this is the direct download link of the file pls I’m begging you compress it and re-upload it and link to me or if you find a website that offers a compressed file of dead or alive paradise version thanks so much in advance have a great day thnx thnx in advance

  2. Are the files highly compressed? I’m looking for a service that compresses large files to very small sizes.
    E.g 4gb to 300mb


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