Can’t find Platform.ini file solved bios update

In this post, you’ll learn how to find Platform.ini file from a bios update setup file, If you can’t find platform.ini file.

if you want to reset your password, update bios without battery or want to edit “Platform.ini” file for any purpose but can’t seem to find Platform.ini file anywhere. Only a single compressed “.exe” setup file.

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Then you are in the right place. I will guide you through all the steps to find the “Platform.ini” file easily. I will try to make the process completely understandable.

This is usually the case with insyde bios updates because insyde provides a compressed single “.exe” setup file.

Sometimes you might need to edit the platform.ini file to reset your forgotten bios password or might want to downgrade your BIOS version. Then you must edit the file and change the values to be able to do what you want to do.

A few months ago I successfully set a master password on my Acer laptop which was running insyde BIOS. It was mandatory to set a BIOS master password to disable safe mode and boot other OS. So, that is why I set it.

After a few days, I removed the master password from the BIOS successfully because a friend of mine was borrowing my laptop for quite some time I didn’t want to cause any inconvenience so I removed the master password.

Although everything went all right when removing the password, I mean no errors and I was also prompted to enter the password twice to verify it. But after some time, I tried booting into BIOS because I wanted to enable safe boot again.

I pressed “F2” key hoping to get right into the BIOS setting but surprise I was asked to enter the password which I never set. Then I was like okay I must have done something wrong, maybe I forgot to save the changes.

So, I enter the last password which I set but no matter how many times I entered the password it was never the right one.

After multiple tries, I gave up and googled to see what was wrong, If it was Specific firmware related bug. And it turns out that many have faced the same problem as me with insyde bios. So it was clear that it was a bug.

I tried many ways to get past that screen but nothing worked. After some research I decided I had only 3 options:

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  1. I needed to reach to my vendor’s customer service and they would charge me some amount and solve my problem.
  2. Go solo and remove the casing from laptop to try another way to hard reset my BIOS. That would void my warranty.
  3. Or reset the password by editing Platform.ini file and flashing BIOS.

I chose to go with option 3. So went ahead and downloaded the update for my BIOS from Acer’s driver page. To my surprise, there was a single exe file which couldn’t be extracted conventionally either.

This basically means no Platform.ini file to edit. LOL

After some trial and error, I found a way to get access to the extracted BIOS update and edit the Platform.ini file.

How to Find Platform.ini file

  • Step 1: First of all download any BIOS update from your official vender’s webpage.
  • Step 2: Enable to show hidden files and folders.
  • Click on start menu and search folder.
A image showing file explorer options as search result in start menu of windos 10
Click on file explorer options
  • Now a new window will pop up. Then click on view tab.
A picture showing file and folder options windows
Click on view tab
  • Click show hidden files, folders and drives then click on OK.
A picture showing file folder option window view tab
Show hidden files

Launching the setup file

  • Step 3: First remove the power supply if it is connected. Then launch the downloaded update file.
A picture showing extracting bios update in which platform. ini file is located
Launch the update file
  • Step 4: Go to this directory C:\Users\your_user_account\appdata\local

Can't Find Platform.ini File Solved Bios Update 3

  • Step 5: Type in “tmp” in the search bar and select the latest created file. You may look at the date created.
A picture showing how to find folder in in which platform.ini file is located by searching
Open it
  • Step 6: Now copy all the contents of the folder to a new permanent location. Because it is a temporary folder it will be deleted after reboot. You know in case you need it again.
A picture showing extracted contents of setup file inicluding platform.ini
  • Step 7: Paste it into a new location then edit the platform.ini file as you wish and then use the setup in the same folder after reconnecting your charger cable.
A picture with some instructions and platform.ini file highlighted

Okay, now I declare how to find Platform.ini file tutorial finished.

Comment down below if any queries, happy to help.

Have a good day.

14 thoughts on “Can’t find Platform.ini file solved bios update”

  1. Thank you for posting this,I’m facing the same issue. I tried editing platform.ini but it didn’t remove the password yet. I tried forceflash on, set password reset to 1. Please guide me through fixing this. Also I even tried flashing the bios in crisis recovery, the BIOS gets updated but still the password isn’t cleared. Thanks in advance.

    • Seems like you are flashing the default bios file not later edited one(extracted setup which you edited).
      And even if you are doing everything right then also sometimes you are still prompted to enter password(I was also one of them). In this case most common password will be accepted(most likely).
      Watch this video for clarification(i think this comment doesn’t make any sense):

  2. Hi… I did all this, in my case to flash a bios with battery below 10%.
    But everytime I run insydeflash from the same folder, it rewrites the ini file, bringing all settings to default again 🙁

    • First copy all the extracted files to a new location for eg: to your desktop.
      Then close the setup file you run previously after that go to the new location where you copied the extracted files edit the platform.ini file as you need. And finally, run the setup file from the same new location. Hope it helps.

  3. Whenever I edit the config file and save it and then run the setup, it flashes this error: File cannot be found. How do I edit it to reset my BIOS password and save it?

    • Seems like you are not running the setup again from the new directory(the one where you copied all the extracted files and edited the .ini file. You need to exit the setup you run initially and then run the setup file from the new folder with the edited .ini file. Hope it helps.

  4. hi dude
    i do all steps completely but when i push F2 password box appears and i try 12345 or 03133610 hash codes not works.
    acer aspire a715 71g is my notebook model
    i will thanks you to help us find platform.ini file and instructions but i cant solve my problem yet. very very thank you for help all of us
    wait for your more help man

  5. hi dude
    i do all steps completely but when i push F2 password box appears and i try 12345 or 03133610 hash codes not works.
    a cer aspire a715 71g is my notebook model
    i will thanks you to help us find platform.ini file and instructions but i cant solve my problem yet. very very thank you for help all of us
    wait for your more help man

    • Make sure you are following the steps exactly(are you sure if you are closing the old setup prompt and opening the setup file from the new extracted folder after editing the ini file)

      For now that is all I can do to help I’m afraid.

    • You just keep repeating yourself you are not even answering the questions the platform
      .ini rewrites it’s self back to default settings even when you run the setup in the NEW folder… How do we prevent this from happening???

      • Sorry if that annoyed you but it is the most likely issue that could occur during this process so I felt obliged to mention it.
        I’m not sure If I can help you with that, in my case nothing of that sort happened.
        If the .ini file rewrites back to default no matter what when you run the setup then in that case I would consider this tutorial almost useless.

        P.S: Maybe setup is checking if input of the ini file is valid or not. If it considers the given input invalid then maybe it is reverting it back to default. Just an idea.

        Good day

  6. Thanks bro. I usually don’t comment but this one made my day and saved my laptop from my wrath. I too have an acer laptop and was frustrated after BIOS update led to bios not working at all.


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