Best Speed plugins(lightweight) that won’t slow down your site

Hey, there this post is about best speed plugins that actually won’t slow down your website. What I mean is there are some plugins that are supposed to speed up your website but instead they make your website bulky, break something, or even slow down your website.

I’m on a cheap shared hosting, less than 20 dollars a year. That makes it 1.60 cents a month. – Read it aloud.

That’s cheap right. I get under 500 ms at best and just around 3 seconds at worst. Other times it would be around 1 second. And a performance grade of 93.

That too with Google auto Adsense and Google Analytics enabled. I think those are some really impressive scores for hosting that costs 1 dollar and 60 cents. What I mean by while Google auto Adsense and Analytics enabled is you don’t have control over those. So you can’t optimize them.

With google auto Adsense and Analytics and disabled I almost get the perfect score of 100 and speed bumps of up to 2 seconds maybe depending on location. I mean I wouldn’t get 2 seconds speed increase from the server where I was already getting under 500 ms, the difference would be more like around 100 ms, I would get under 400 ms without breaking a sweat.

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This is kind of off topic but if you are a hardcore speed fanatic and don’t process any sensitive data on your site then you could consider dropping off your SSL encryption. This would help with the speed immensely. I would say almost more than 1 second. Have a look at this website, this guy(Steve) is a speed fanatic. There is no Adsense, Analytics, SSL, Comment section and minimum images. You will see a whole different side of WordPress there(kind of controversial though). The way you think will change.

While installing plugins(if you really care about speed) you should really consider how much a particular plugin weights, does it create site drag etc. Site drag meaning additional use of resources used by the plugin which results in even further slow down of a website.

This article will help you choose plugins to speed up your website for real. Plugins have listed here are the ones I’m using currently. I did a lot of testing, research and experiments before choosing these plugins. And they actually help.

The list is short and precise. You don’t want a lot of speed plugins causing site drag or causing the slow page speeds.

Lightweight speed plugins that really work:

Remember plugins listed complement each other. Works best if all of the listed plugins are installed and other CDN, minify, font remover or any other type of speed-related plugins are not installed. We don’t want collisions or two plugins trying to do the same thing.

  • Autoptimize: This is one of the very few popular plugins that live up to the name. Its popularity is very much valid. It doesn’t create site drag, is lightweight and doesn’t tend to break your site. Basically what it does is it Optimizes your website, concatenating the CSS and JavaScript code, and compressing it.

It can do some other cool things too for what it is not famous for. It can remove WordPress core emojis, remove query strings and also remove google fonts.

  • Cache Enabler: As the name suggests its a simple and fast WordPress disk caching plugin. It does what it says beautifully.

I’m writing this line of text just because I want some space in between. I hate it when it gets cluttered.

  • Lazy Load by WP Rocket: It is a very tiny lazy load script. It doesn’t add any noticeable amount of load time to the page. It is a great plugin.

What it does is it prevents loading of images until it is necessary. I mean until the user can view an image it won’t be loaded, resulting in better page load speeds.

  • Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions: Again the name says it all. After you uninstall any plugin some data is left behind in your database and also it clears post revision and stuff. Resulting in cleaner database and a little more space on the host.

So this is it then. The list is complete really you don’t need anything else to speed up your website. The logic is you don’t want to overdo anything. It might get dirty.

I hope this article was helpful. Have a good day.

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