Best alternative to CMD, you will love it

So, you looking for the best alternative to CMD. You end up in the right place then.

I generally prefer to use Linux but sometimes I have to switch to Windows to use Windows-specific programs. And I don’t like to deal with crappy CMD. So, I tested a few consoles emulators and finally settled with Cmder. It is completely and absolutely free!

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It looks and performs way better than CMD and brings almost all basic Linux commands to Windows. You know I hated it when I typed in ls mistakenly in CMD and it didn’t recognize the command. It can run scripts in Windows. And also it supports alias.

Surely it will let you enjoy all other standard console features likes multi-tab mode and stuff. I don’t wanna make this article long and boring. I basically covered all basic and most frequently used features. If you wish to know more about Cmder then you may have a look at it while downloading it. So, let us begin

Required materials:

Compress files online before downloading You might be interested.

  1. Click here to download Cmder
  2. Click here to download 7zip

Download Cmder, the best alternative to CMD

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There isn’t much you need to do to get started with Cmder. First You need to download it from the link provided above.

Cmder's download page
Download full version

You have two types of Cmder to download on the download page. One is the Cmder mini version which is just under 10 MB. Super compact huh!

Another one is the full version with all UNIX commands, It is slightly heavier than mini version. Just above 100 MB.

I will suggest you download the full version. That is what I did.

Extracting the Cmder package

Now download 7zip from the link provided above and then extract the downloaded Cmder zip file.

After it is extracted you will see a few folders in the parent directory. Look for bin folder, there you can place your executable files. I mean you could paste Wget for windows in there and use it via Cmder no matter what your current directory is.

Install Cmder In Windows showing bin folder of cmder
This is how it looks


Now everything should work as expected. To me, Cmder is just a replacement for the Linux terminal while I’m using Windows, and it does the job pretty well. Some may use it as stepping stone to Linux terminal, it provides a similar experience. This tool can come handy if you are considering migrating to Linux. But Cmder is not limited to this only it can do other cool stuff too. Experiment with it and have fun with it.

Okay, then this is it. Hope you enjoy Cmder just as much as I do.

If any problem or query comment down below, I will be blessed to help you.

Have a good day.

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